Green Building; Creating A More Comfortable And Resilient Home
Green building is fundamentally about living in a cleaner and more comfortable environment and reducing the costs of utilities and general up-keep. Green building practices aim to reduce the environmental impact of a home while also allowing the homeowner to live comfortably. It is focused on resource-efficiency throughout the building life cycle and increased value from longer lasting, more resilient materials.

River Rock Builders considers every detail to ensure the most comfortable and reliable home, including creating site specific custom house plans, transportation of materials, and utilizing the most budget conscious green products.


A home that earns the ENERGY STAR Qualification is significantly more efficient than a standard home. By purchasing an ENERGY STAR qualified home, you can have all the features you desire in your new home, plus lower utility bills.
River Rock Builders is Central Arkansas' leading ENERGY STAR Partner builder and builds 100% of it's homes to the rigorous ENERGY STAR qualification. The partnership represents River Rock Builders commitment to energy savings through the use of energy efficient products in the construction of our homes.

Our greatest accomplishment...
Our greatest accomplishment to date is the construction and certification of the Owen home on North Pierce in The Height Historic District. This home was certified by the USGBC as L.E.E.D. Platinum, the highest certification a structure can achieve!

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